Saying goodbye…

On July 17, 2013 Blake entered the MTC for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and became a missionary.  For the next 2 years he will be known as Elder Lawrence.  We will miss him, but am grateful for such an awesome son.  He is excited to be a missionary, and told me the day he left,

“Mom, I have 3 goals: #1. go to BYU #2. go on a mission #3. get married in the temple. Today I am doing goal #2.”

He said it felt surreal to him and that he didn’t feel old enough. Right before he went into the MTC he said, “I think I’m just curious about how this is going to go.  It’s something I have always dreamed about but unlike anything I’ve ever done.” Elder Lawrence, you will be great!

Blake’s friends had a good-bye party for him:

At the airport:
These 2 brothers (Blake & Seth) won’t see each other for 3+ years!Image
In Utah:
With Grandma & Grandpa Lawrence
Saying good-bye to the parents:
Moving forward & not looking back… we’re at the curb of the MTC and an older – as in senior aged missionary – radios to someone requesting a ‘host for an Elder’.  Another missionary comes running across the street, told me they’d take good care of him and just like that off he went!

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