September 9 letter, week 8

This week was awesome we were able to teach much more lessons and actually committed 4 people to be baptized plus possibly 2 kids but we haven’t taught the kids yet.

It was actually three days in a row that we committed them to be baptized. The first was a young woman age 24.  We taught her the restoration and asked her to be baptized and she accepted.  However, she is in the national guard and had to leave for a month, so the date is later than we would have liked but it is still ok.  She left a few days after we taught her and is excited to be baptized. We left her with some reading assignments in the Book of Mormon and told her to continue to pray as she goes through boot camp.  She left this past Saturday so she wasn’t able to come to church this Sunday.

The next was a couple we ran into while walking home.  We set a return appointment and taught them the next day.  We taught them the restoration and challenged them to baptism which they accepted.  Afterwards, we set up a return appointment.  When we came for our return appointment they weren’t home and we tried some other times to reach them but weren’t able to.  Hopefully, we can get back into contact with them and get them to come out to church. After the first lesson they were excited to learn more and were wondering when we were coming back, so I hope that is still true and they aren’t just avoiding us.

The last is probably the coolest. She is a single mother, going through some hard times. She’s been through a lot, too.  She has 4 kids, two sons aged 20 and 7 and two daughters aged 13 and 9.  We have only taught the mom and the oldest son so far.  We committed the mom to baptism but the son had to leave the lesson early so we weren’t able to commit him.  She told us she has a bit of trouble with him, coming home late or getting arrested and other things like that.  Her and her family except the 20 year old son came to church.  They all loved it, especially the kids, they loved the classes with other kids their age.

God has continued to set those that our ready to hear the gospel right in front of our path.  It is also amazing to see his hand in all that we do.  It is incredibly humbling to be instruments in the hands of our Lord and Savior.

Blake’s teacher that he loved, taken right before he left the MTC. Photo bomb by an Elder that he said “was probably the funniest guy I have ever met” (Elder Berryhill)IMG_0052[1]

Blake’s sleeping quarters, not too fancy 🙂
And where they eat and study:
And a picture of some weird bug, no idea what it is though:

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