Sept 16, 2013 (week 9)

This week was different.  We spent a lot of time finding people and not a ton of time teaching which can be disappointing but you need to find before you can teach. We found some really awesome people though that I am really looking forward to teaching.

One lady we committed to be baptized left for boot camp for month after we taught her.  We’ve tried to contact her but I don’t know what the rules are so we don’t really know.  We can only hope and pray that she is reading the scriptures and praying.  A couple we committed, we haven’t been able to get in contact with again and I don’t really know what the problem is.  We tried everything to get in touch with them but with no luck, so I don’t really know what happened.  At the end of the first lesson they were really excited for us to return so I don’t think they are just avoiding us but I am really not sure.  We committed one more this week.   We haven’t been able to teach him a lot yet, and his mother is a little hesitant with her commitment so we will probably have to take some more time with her.  I can completely understand why people might be slow to make the commitment though.  It is not a small decision.  It will alter the course of your life forever and so I can understand why people want to really make sure they are making the right decision.

We had a district meeting yesterday with all the missionaries in our ward which is 18, where it was an open floor.  People complained a lot, about stress and about what the mission president was asking of us and about a lot of other things.  What the root of the problem was in my opinion is that people hadn’t bought into the mission.  A lot of them were complaining about their problems and to me it was really sad to see.  I am glad I made a decision early to forget about myself and my worries for two years.  What a blessing.  I have found out that your mission will not be enjoyable if you are worrying about yourself.  The only way to be a happy and successful missionary is to “forget yourself and go to work.”  Missionary work was never easy and nor should it be.  It will never be as hard for us as it was for the Savior and we are to be examples and representatives of him.  It then makes sense that we might have to take a few of the steps he took and walk if only for a moment in his shoes.  I found that if you look at it this way you are almost happy for challenges because that means you are standing where the Savior stood.  It is a very humbling realization.  We will never suffer like he did nor are we asked to.  We are asked simply to forget about ourselves for a short portion of our lives and focus solely on others.  This realization doesn’t make missionary work easy, it makes it worth it.


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