Sept 23, 2013 (week 10)

Thanks for your email dad.  It is helpful to rememeber that stuff, and keep a good perspective.  With all companions we have an oppurtunity to help strengthen them as they have the same oppurtunity to strenghten us.  My companion told me he thinks he is going to go home, which was hard for me to hear because I do love him and want him not to regret anything he does.  I am not too sure why God chose me to help him change his mind but I do know now that it is within my capability otherwise God would not have assigned me him as a companion.  I try to be really careful about what I say to him and make sure I am always in a good mood because my attitude will rub off on him.  Missions are hard, and if you don’t lose yourself in the work that is all it ever will be, just hard.  However, if you lose yourself in the service of others, then you will have the greatest time of your life.

Not a ton happened this week outside of the usual.  Our investigators are having a hard time getting out to church.  Most of them don’t own cars and with so many other churches nearby it is hard to get them to come out to our’s.  We are making progress with some of those we are teaching but we have had to take some steps back with others and help motivate them to change really.  All the change is for the better it is just hard to help them to realize that sometimes.  The work is definitely progressing.  We find new people to teach everyday.

Our ward has about nine hundred members which means many are inactive because we only get about 150-200 out to church each Sunday.  Me and my companion, found out who all the inactives were in our area.  We plan on visiting all of them which is about 25.  So far we have only been able to meet with a few.  One young man was very excited about us being there and we asked him to come out to church but I didn’t see him on Sunday.  We are going to have to go see what happened because I know he was having a difficult time finding a way to get there.
Me and my companion have been killing it on the bike. I don’t know exactly how much we bike exactly but it is a lot.  I come home exhausted everyday, I love it.

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