October 14, 2013 (week 13) 1st week in Brazil!!

Well I go here Tuesday morning, and took a bus to the chapel where I got my new companion. His name is Elder Myers he´s only been in Brazil for 3 months but he has a really good grasp on the language. He served in Iowa before while waiting for his visa, so he has been on his mission for a total of 7 months. He has lots of energy and is excited about missionary work which is good.  Oh, and he is from Arizona.  I was kind of hoping that I would get a native Brazilian companion so I would be forced to learn faster but it is nice having someone who can explain what is going on in english to me.

I have seen a lot of growth in my understanding of the language.  I can understand conversations for the most part but I miss some things.  Speaking has come a little slower but it has still improved greatly.

We are reopening an area that hasn´t had missionaries for a long time, and they are really excited about having missionaries again.  We´ve taught a few lessons and some investigators came to church which is awsome.  We were able to meet a lot more members on Sunday and we have members going out with us just about everyday this week, and they have people for us to teach which is incredibly awsome.  I feel really blessed being here.  I also got up to bear my testimony on Sunday. My  Portuguese wasn´t perfect but it went really well, I thought.  You have to be careful where you speak English, like in the Favella we dont speak any English because it can be dangerous.  It´s pretty safe most palces though.  All the little kids want to know what their name is in English and a lot of the time it is the same, so that´s kind of funny.

Brazil is really different from any place I have ever been, especailly where I am in, Sao Paulo South.  It is all concrete.  There isnat any grass anywhere. They have courts here that are combo basketball and soccer that are concrete, and the Brazilians just play in their flip flops, which is wierd for me to see. No one uses the courts for basketball though.

People drize crazy here, cars and motorcyles are just whipping around and weaving through traffic.  When people come up to an intercection they just honk to let people know they are coming and go right through it.  The streets are really narrow to with cars parked on both sides so you have to be careful when you are walking around.

We live in what I have been told is the smallest “house” in the mission. It is weird because the houses aren’t as big or as nice as the apartments.  A lot of people build their own houses, especailly in the favella, everyone builds their own house there.

I forgot my camera in the house  so I´ll have to email the pictures next week.

As far as food I havent had anything that is too wierd yet.  We eat a lot of beans and rice, usaully with some sort of meat.  They have this soda here called Guavara or something like that but it is really good.  You end up drinking soda a fair amount because the water isnt safe to drink.  We do get water in 20 liter tanks that we can drink, though.

I love it here Brazil is awsome and so are the people.

Elder Lawrence



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