October 21st, 2013 (week 14) Second week in Brazil

IMG_0103[1]Blake with his new mission president and mission president’s wife.  President and Sister Tanner.IMG_0101[1]Blake with his 1st companion in Brazil.  His companion’s name is Elder Myers, and he is from Arizona.IMG_0108[1]The sleeping quarters.IMG_0109[1]The bathroom, see the shower head above the door.IMG_0098[1]The highway, taken on his way into the city.IMG_0110[1]Kitchen area.IMG_0100[1]Typical meal.IMG_0111[1]Fruit they bough at the market, all for about $13 US. (He would really like this!)

I get about 15000 steps a day, but I will get more once I am done training and can leave a bit earlier in the day.

Bryce was wondering what we ate. The biggest meal of the day here is lunch. For breakfast we have some gronola cereal and a banana, or some eggs and bread. For lunch we almost always have beans(fejioa or something like that), rice, and some sort of meat, and they always have dessert after lunch too. For dinner, it varies quite a bit but it’s normally something small. Whenever you eat at a members house you always leave stuffed because they will just keep dishing you up food. They have a feira near our house on Tuesdays so during lunch we will go there and get some food, mostly fruit. A feira is like a street market, everyone is chanting how much stuff cost and they have all kinds of things there it’s pretty cool. We bought a ton of fruit and some vegetables too, for super cheep. We got mangos, bananas, strawberries, guava, passion fruit, apples, and some other stuff too.

This week has been really tiring. Me and my companion worked really hard and God has blessed us for it. In our days it seems that everything good always happens in the last two hours of the day. We have had some investigators make some really great progress toward baptism and we actually have one scheduled for this Sunday. He is a ten year old kid and could not be more excited about the Gospel. It is awesome teaching him because he just loves to learn about it. We showed him the baptismal font and he got really excited. We taught him and his mom, his mom is scheduled to be baptized the week after. The kid invites like all of his friends to church it’s awesome, and I think we will be able to baptize some of his friends because of him and his excitment.

There is another couple that we are meeting with that we actually havent taught a lesson to yet but I am pretty sure they will be baptized. They are reading the Book of Mormon everyday together and are coming to church. The elders in the adjacent area to our’s taught them once but because they are in our area they let us teach them. We had them over to the bishops house for what they call a noite familiar, which is similar to family home evening but I guess they do them all the time here. They loved it and they have two little kids that loved it aswell. This couple has to be married before they can be baptized though, which we will taught to them about tomorrow. They have been living together for about 4 years I think so I hope it won’t be a problem, but they love church and the Book of Mormon so I am really excited about their progress.

There is another guy we are teaching who is 19, who is making a lot of progress too, but he has had a bit of a hard time coming out to church so we need to help him with that.

As far as the language goes it is coming a long pretty quickly, relatively I guess. I can understand most of what is being said but my speaking is a fair bit behind my listening. I am glad that I can understand a lot of what is being said, God is definitley blessing me and helping me with the language.

I am glad to have a companion that works hard and obeys all the rules. We might not be the best missionaries, and we definitely aren’t the best with the language but God has definitetly blessed us because of our hard work. I think he feels a little sorry for us and so he is helping us out a ton. We have been blessed with finding some really amazing people in some really amazing ways.

Love you all,
Elder Lawrence

Ps we can write on any day, we just only have p-day to email


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