October 7, 2013 (week 12) last week in Atlanta, GA


Blake with his companion (far left) and 2 other missionaries.

Well I’ve got some crazy news, I got my visa. They phoned me yesterday morning and I leave tonight at 9:50pm. They are going to pick me up at 6 so I will try and call you from the airport if I am allowed to do so again.

While I am excited to go I am going to miss Atlanta. The people here are wonderful and really in need of the Gospel in their lives. I feel like I am leaving a lot of work behind. There are so many people that I felt like we were just starting to make progress with. I’ve been told this is a pretty common feeling when you are leaving an area. I guess I just have to have faith in the Elders that are taking my place here. I know they will do amazing work. I have met some wonderful people and am already thinking of when I will be able to take a trip back. I know I was only here fro 6 weeks but I feel like I made so many connections with so many different people.

I would be lying if I didn’t say I was nervous. I tried to keep up my language study here but it is hard without a lot of motivation and a lot of more pressing matters being presented. My Portuguese wasn’t great before, by any means, but it hasn’t gotten any better sense. I hope I get a native Brazilian companion so I will not be able to speak any English and only be able to use Portuguese, I feel like that will help me learn a lot quicker. It is insane to think I will be in another country tomorrow, especially when I have never really been outside the US or Canada.

As far as the work this week it went really well. We were having a hard time getting into peoples homes and having sit down lessons, but this week we were able to have a lot of meaningful lessons in peoples homes.

I know the work here and in Brazil will be drastically different but I know I am a better missionary than I was 6 weeks ago.

Conference is amazing, I think I took for granted conference in the past. It is really an inspired meeting. During every talk there was at least one person that we had met that I thought this would have been a direct answer to their concerns.

Anyways supper excited and a little nervous,

Elder Lawrence

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