September 30th, 2013 (week 11)

We tried really hard to visit a bunch of in-actives or less actives in our area. We were able to contact a lot and commit a few to come to church but unfortunately those that committed didn’t show up which was kind of disappointing. We are hoping we can meet with all of them again this week and even see a few more. When we committed them to come to church we also asked them to bring a friend and they almost seemed more willing to bring a friend than to come to church if that makes any sense. I am hoping that we will be able to teach their friends and then all of them will come to church and we can baptize their friends too. That is the ideal situation and I actually think it is a pretty good idea.Some cool things did happen this week though. We were trying to get to an inactive member of the wards house and we were actually going in the wrong direction so we stopped and looked at my companions GPS. While we were orientating ourselves a car on the other side of the street stopped and rolled down his window, and shouted to us, “Hey, you guys come and teach my family tonight, well actually tomorrow is better.” Then he yelled out his information to us, and drove off. It was a cool experience one I have heard of other missionaries telling but something I didn’t think would happen to me, at least so soon.

Another cool experience happened the other day. We were close to our apartment and my companion wanted to head in, but it was about 15 or 20 minutes before we were supposed to. We started walking to the apartment and I told him we should go see this lady that lived in the apartments really close by. He said that we’ve tried about 10 times in the past and weren’t able to contact her again. Which is true – we tried knocking on her door a bunch of times but she was never home.  Because my companion continued to go toward the apartment I had to as well, because we have to stay together but it wasn’t without my petition that we shouldn’t go home yet, not so much because I felt we needed to see this lady but because I just didn’t want to go home early.  As we were about to go down the stairs into our apartment my companion stopped and said do you really want to see this lady, and I replied yes we shouldn’t come home early, so we went to her door. When we knocked she answered and we were able to have a wonderful discussion with her address a lot of her concerns.  When we first met her, we were walking by and offered to help her with her groceries (my companions idea), and when we got to the door we talked to her and invited her to church which she was really excited about.  This time we asked her, “You seemed really excited to come to church, why weren’t you able to make it?”  Turns out she was excited because she told a few people she knew that she was going to a Mormon church this Sunday.  The people she talked to told her a lot of negative things about the church which weren’t even true so we were able to address a lot of concerns she had.  Before leaving we set up a return appointment to teach her a full lesson which we are really excited for. 

One thing I wish I could do a better job of is explaining to people how much the church can really help there lives in every way.  It can be hard to express in the short period of time you are able to talk to them at the door, but that 2 minute discussion could be the most important 2 minutes of their life because they may not get this chance again.  I wish I could do a better job of communicating our messages importance, but I have definitely improved in this regard that is for sure.

Anyways the Church is true and everyone should be a Mormon.

Elder Lawrence


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