November 11, 2013 (week 17)

This week was kind of slow but we ended with a bang. We had 7 people at church this Sunday. 3 are younger kids and the rest are poeple we’ve been teaching.

Mateus (the kid we baptized a few weeks ago), mom is getting baptized this week and hopefully his cousin is too. His mom is amazing. She reads the scriptures everyday. She had to give up coffee to be baptized. She ended up letting us take the rest of the coffee she had at her house. Unfortunately she did drink coffee again but she said she didn’t even like the taste anymore, which is deffinitely a mirecale. For someone who drank multiple cups of coffee each day to not even likeing the taste of it anymore. She is also an amazing missionary, she told us she wants everyone to know about the Gospel and wants us to go to all her family. She introduced us to her niece, who I guess wanted us to talk to her for a week or so now, just after Mateus got baptized. Anyway, she is an 18 year girl who is really interested in the church we are hoping that she will get baptized this Sunday with Mateus’s mom. Becuase she went to church this past Sunday she can get baptized after church this Sunday.

Another one of our investigators who was able to make it to church for the first time this Sunday, I think I have already told you about. He is the one who was super prepared. We told him in order to be baptized he had to get married. The very next day he went to the Cartoria (because all marriages here have to go through the goverment they have to go to the Cartoria and then they can get a date and they government will marry them on that date). He hasn’t been able to make it to church for the last two weeks so it was really cool to see him there yesterday.

Anyway everything is going well here. The language keeps getting better with time.

Elder Lawrence


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