November 18, 2013 (week 18)

IMG_0125[1]Geni (the mother of the boy who they baptized a couple of weeks ago)

IMG_0123[1]Geni, and her family, lots of family support

IMG_0126[1]With the bishop and his wife


OK, so this Sunday we were blessed to be able to baptize Geni. She is Matheus’s mom, the kid we baptized a few weeks ago. Geni was probably the perfect investigator. She was so nice and hospitable, she always feeds us when we get there and offers us juice, she’s just awesome. So her story actually starts about a week before we met her. She told us this yesterday: “About a week before we met her she had prayed to find help to change her life for the better. Then a short time later him son told her that he’d met two Americans that were going to study The Gospel with him, but she didn’t believe him.” So we met her through her son and taught her. We weren’t able to teach her much before her son was baptized because she works a lot. We talked to her the day before about Matheus’s baptism and got her permission for him to be baptized. My companion promissed her that she would feel something in the church unlike she had ever felt before. I was taken a little off-gaurd when he said this because it is a very bold thing to say and he even said after he didnt even realize he’d said it, but it was definitely a prompting. When she was in the church during sacrament she had like a mini vision when one of the speakers was speaking. She saw light all around him, not around anyone else during the service but around him when he was speaking at the pulpit. She said she rubbed her eyes but it wouldnt go away.

She was incredibly receptive. She started reading the Book of Mormon everyday since we gave it to her. I would say the only time she was a little hesitant was when we taught her about the Word of Wisdom and more specifically who God had commanded us not to drink coffee. After a bit of explanation she was willing to try and Matheus actually grabbed the coffee off the shelf and dumped it in the garbage. It was a week before we were able to meet with her again and we asked her how not drinking coffee was going. She said she drank it once earlier in the week but she didn’t like the taste of it anymore. Nothing short of a miricale, for someone who drinks multiple cups a day for her entire life to not even liking the taste anymore, pretty awesome.

Her baptism was a little rough because she has a fear of water. She actually had to be baptized three times before she got fully submersed and everything was done right. Her whole family came to the baptism which was really cool. Before the baptism we asked Mateus if he would give the closing prayer. He always wants to be the one to pray when we teach him or with him, and his prayers have gotten really good, but he was a little nervous to give a prayer in a setting where more than just us and his family would hear, but he was willing and gave an amazing prayer. His dad was even crying at the end which was amazing. His dad kind of always looks grumpy but he has seemed to be a lot happier lately and the other son too. It has been amazing to be apart of their families grows and really see how the Gospel can change a family for the better.

In the MTC I made the goal of being on the giving end of miracles and it was really cool to be apart of it with Geni.

We had a lesson with a younger kid earlier in the week and he wanted me to pray in English. So we said if you say the closing prayer, I’ll say one after in English. So he gave his prayer, and then I gave mine. It was actually really hard to pray aloud in English, I accidentally said some words in Portuguese and said some things backwards. It was interesting but I didn’t really expect that to happen. I had to really think about what I was saying and how to say it… IN ENGLISH. but it’s a blessing because it means my Portuguese is getting better.

Transfers are coming up next week and we are both hoping that we stay here together. Elder Myers is a really hard working missionary and it is nice to be able to push eachother to work harder. We have also grown to love a lot of people here and really want to stick around and see them baptized.

We had a division earlier in the week too so Geni could be interviewed. Me and another newbie American went to his area. It was cool that we were able to communicate effectively and understand after both only being here for 6 weeks.

Another blessed week with a bunch a miracles ending in a baptism, I am really glad to be here right now doing missionary work.


Elder Lawrence


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