October 28, 2014 (week 15) 1st Baptism!!

I sent you the pictures. We baptized a 10 year old kid named Matheus. His whole family came out to it and showed a lot of support, he also got a lot of support from the ward aswell. The mom is planning on being baptized as well. We met Matheus because of a reference from a member in the ward. This member was actually a good friend of the dads but that is how we were able to meet him. We have also set a date with his friend and he has an aunt that wants to be baptized, but we haven´t been able to talk to her yet. Matheus has opened a lot of doors for us and he is an excelent example to his friends and family.

There was another refernece we got from a member of our ward and when he gave it to us he kind of threatened us a little bit, he said, `dont let this one go.´ I thought that was kind of a strange way to give a reference but was grateful for it. During the week we tried to contact him 3 or 4 different times but had no luck. We thought that it was the wrong address and gave up on trying to contact him. The next day after we had decided this almost all of our appointments fell through and all of our back-ups as well, something that really isn’t that unusual, and can be a little frustrating but this time, turns out, we should be grateful for. My companion turned to me and asked what we should do because we still had about 40 minutes left in the day. I opened my planner and said we had contacting this reference down and so we went. (Turns out I opened to the wrong day and didnt realize it). We were outside his entrance and called his name and clapped a couple of times (in Brazil they clap instead of knock because you normally can’t get to someones door because they have a locked fence, it´s hard to explain). Then we heard a voice from the car, that said, I think you´re looking for me. He invited us straight in, we didnt have time for a full lesson so we just talked to him for a bit. Man, is he ready for the gospel. He has already read most of the Book of Mormon, was telling us how he needs to be baptized and wants to go to the temple. He´s not crazy either. The ward member who had given the reference had clearly talked to him a lot about the church. The ward member also didn’t want us to tell him that he had sent us to his friend’s house. They are really good friends and he was afraid that this might hurt their friendship (I am guessing this is what he thought). We were actually the first missionaries to talk to him and he is super excited to learn more and be baptized.

We are also teaching this younger couple. I think I talked about them before. We havent been able to teach them a lot but it has been over the span of about 4 weeks. When we met them they were haveing troubles with their relationship, but they began to pray, read the scriptures and go to church together. The father of the family said it was the best he felt and their relationship was greater than ever. We were scheduled to meet with them on Saturday but the mother wasn’t there and the father said they were having a rough week in their relationship. We asked if we could reschedule and he said we could so we planned to see them on Sunday. We noticed that they werent at church which was kind of concerning to us and we knew that they were probably still having problems. We went to their home more just to help than to teach a lesson. We found out that they hadn’t been reading, praying together for the past week, plus we hadn’t seen them at church. We helped them to realize as soon as they had stopped doing these things that had helped them so much because it became more difficult. We talked about how Satan doesn’t want them to be togther and seeks to destroy families. We talked about Joseph Smith and how when he knelt and prayed in the grove, Satan bound his tongue and incombered him with such an overwheling feeling of darkness he thought he was going to be destroyed but then in the very moment he was about to give in he was saved by the light and image of God and Jesus Christ. Satan tried his hardest to stop what was the most important event sense Christ had left this earth, and what would usher in the final dispensation of man. We told them that they are taking steps to change their lives forever for the better but Satan doesn’t want this and is trying very hard to stop it. And like Jospeh Smith was in that grove of trees, they are on the break of something amazing and wonderful for their entire family. It was a lesson where the spirit was thee so strong.

The Lord has blessed us so much it is really unbelievable. I know we are not the most amazing missionaries and certainly not the best at speaking Portuguese, but God sees us working hard and just keeps blessing us. If God was a bank he would go out of buisness becuase not matter how much you give him, he will always give you back more.

Elder Lawrence


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