November 25, 2013 (week 19)



This week was a miracle. We started with a fast for one of our investigators we were hoping to baptize this Sunday. She really wasn’t ready but we were blessed in another way. Junior which is Mateus’s brother, our asking him to be taught finally worked. Before he would always tell us “I’m Catholic” and then leave as soon as we started to teach his brother or mom, but one night we taught their family how to have a family home evening. We shared a really short message and a little bit a games and food after, we then asked Junoir if he could pray, and with a little bit of push he did. After that he was open to us teaching him, and even more amazing, because he was at church for his mom and brothers baptisms he could be baptized this Sunday. So we taught him everything in just a few days and he was baptized Sunday, and he asked me to baptize him.

Another blessing from his baptism was a friend of their family came. She was a mom of two younger kids we taught and had lined up to be baptized but she didn’t give permission because she didn’t feel that they were old enough. Well at Junior’s baptism she gave permission, which was a huge blessing.

Geni, Mateus’s mom who we baptized last Sunday, asked me to give her the gift of the Holy Ghost. I was a little nervous but it all worked out great.

So we have transfers tomorrow. I will be staying here but my companion will be leaving because he got called to be a zone leader. I’m excited to stay and continue working in this area but I will miss my companion. So next week I will have pictures of who my new companion is and how the new companionship is going.

Elder Lawrence

PS Mom can you email me some pictures with the snow, if like the kids go out and play in the snow or something? ( I can print it off here) but the Brazilians think the snow is so crazy.


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