December 2, 2013 (week 20)

Well, my new companion doesn’t speak any English, which actually isn´t as hard as I thought it would be. His name is Elder Miguel Provoste. He is from the way south part of Chile, Temuco. He´s been on the mission for 9 months and I am his first American companion. Because he doesn’t speak English the language is coming along better. It seems a lot more fluent to me but I must have a very thick accent because people don’t always understand what I am saying, and sometimes my sentences are just a jumbled mess. There was one guy we were talking to that thought when I said I had been in Brazil for 7 weeks thought I meant months because I was speaking well, which was  a bit of confidence booster for the language.

Elder Provoste is awesome though.  He is very easy to work with and never gets frustrated which has to be hard with my language skills right now. He has to explain certain things to me multiple times but he doesn’t get frustrated at all. Chile seems really cool though. He was telling me how he watched a volcano erupt and how they have penguins there. It´s pretty neat to hear about places outside the US and Canada.

You asked about the food and people stuffing us, which is really true. You have to eat a lot otherwise people think you don’t like their food, and more often than not what I think is a lot is not anywhere close to what they think is a lot. The food is good but it is kind of boring eating rice and beans with every meal… and açai – they actaully use it to make an icecream type thing. It’s kind of hard to describe. Oh, and and for the future if you send another box, send rootbeer. It would be cool to see some of the missionaries try it because a lot have no idea what it is, but don’t send a box just to send root beer.

I completely forgot that it was thanksgiving, and it really doesnt feel like Christmas. It´s getting hotter and there is no snow, it´s all just a little wierd.


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