December 10th, week 21

I was planning on skype´ing you for Christmas. If we can’t on Christmas I´m hoping the president would allow for us to do it a bit later, and I´ll ask. My guess is that is would be on a Monday because that is our p-day. Oh, and the reason I am emailing today is because we were scheduled to go to the temple today so our p-day got switched to today. Packages haven´t come yet, but they could be in the office waiting, I don’t know.

I´ve been meaning to email you about this earlier but I keep forgeting. There are these kites called pipas here, and they´re super cheap, but anyway they are really popular with kids here. The kite is basically just a thin piece of paper with a couple sticks for structure. The kids here fly these kites up in the air and the object is to try and cut the line of another person’s kites. It´s really incredible how they are able to control these kites with just a string. It’s an art really.  It´s really cool to see.

Anyway the work this week was slow. We were able to meet with a fair amount of people and teach but nobody was able to come to church. We did teach one guy who at first all he talked about about the Bible but he was willing to hear our message and after the first lesson, he accepted the Book of Mormon and when we returned he had read a bit of it. It was interesting though he said that the pastor at his church talks about the Book of Mormon. When he said this we kind of prepared to defend ourselves a little bit, but he said the pastor says if the Bible isn’t clear you can look in the Book of Mormon. Now I´m not sure I completely believe this guy but if it true we need to find this church and baptize everyone, haha.

Elder Lawrence


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