December 25, 2013 (week 23)

By Blake’s mom:

No letter today because we got to SKYPE instead!!!  The picture was blurry, but it was definitely my boy.  Had so much fun talking to him for about 45 minutes, which went all too fast.  He seems happy.  Told me that he has no regrets about going on a mission, and that he is very happy to be there.  He also said there are a ton of dogs everywhere, which are annoying, lol!  Spoke to us a little in Portuguese, which was really weird to hear.  He talked about the markets, and how cool they are.  It was so fun to get instant feedback, and talk to him to see how he is ‘really’ doing.  Happy, happy!  He says sometimes the days and weeks are long, but that the months have gone really fast, and that he can’t believe that he’s already been out for 6 months.  He says most of the time he’s tired, because they work hard (Yay, love to hear that he’s giving his all.)  He talked about the surroundings and how the trees seem to grow out of concrete, and that there is no grass where he is serving right now.  Concrete everywhere!  Oh gosh, love him so much.  Can’t wait to hug him again 🙂


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