December 30, 2014 (week 24)

Blake and his companion, Elder Provoste

Blake and his companion, Elder Provoste

Well I am being transfered.  I don’t know where yet but I will let you know in next weeks letter. I do know that I will be junior companion, which I am kind of glad about cuz I don’t want to train anyone yet.  I would like the language to be much better first. It is both exciting and a bummer at the same time. It´s a bummer because I really feel we have some people close to bapstim and actually one family too, which is my goal right now on my mission, to baptise a family. It is also exciting because, well, its something new.

This was our best Sunday for getting investigators to church this transfer. We had four. 3 were from one family but the youngest daughter didn’t go.  She is super shy, but I know that if she comes to church she will find friends here. The older of the two daughters went and she is pretty much a lock for bapstism this Sunday. Kind of a bummer we didn’t find them earlier because I would really like to see her get baptized.

One of the people we were teaching was a young girl, 15, but she was only here for the holidays and goes back home this week. I´m a little concerned about her not continuing with the missionaries in her home. She didn’t like the prospect of other missionaries teaching her. She said she had talked to other missionaries in the past but they wheren’t as cool as us. We had to have a lesson with her a lot about how our goal is not just to teach for fun but to really bring people into the gospel. The lesson went really well, she said she would miss us but would continue learning from the other missionaries. We got her address to give to the other missionaries and we´ll both write her a letter in a little bit to see how she is progressing. She lives in the same state but outside the mission.

It was nice to have the oppurtunity to talk to you this Christmas and actually see the family. It sounds like you aren’t failing to have fun without me which is good. Glad to see you can have fun without the life of the party 🙂

Elder Lawrence


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