January 7, 2014 (week 25)


This is a part of area and there are some other parts nearby to are ours. The area is a lot different than my last area. There are a ton of giant hills and the area is a lot bigger. The ward is also a lot bigger too and they are really excited about missionary work. I´ve received far more references in this last week than in my entire mission, which was pretty cool.

My new companion I think is one of my favorite ones so far. His name is Elder G. Santos (Gerson Santos), you could google his name and find out more. He is from Portugal and finished in the top ten of the Portuguese version  of American Idol. He turned down his dream job, which was a project to do a Portuguese version of Glee to serve a mission. He has quite the personality but he is really cool. He speaks English very well – almost perfectly, so we help each other with the language but we mostly speak Portuguese.

This is also the first area I am not opening so it is nice that we can start with investigators. We are working with a few different people but it´s hard to see them really frequently because of how large the area is. The area is actually almost half the size of what the area was before because it was divided because the ward has 2 sets of missionaries now.


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