January 20, 2014 (week 27)

Alright, well I have been told that my letters are getting short, even Dad has asked me to write more. Even still I´m not sure how much more I can write but I´ll try.

Well, our baptism fell which was a real bummer. She seemed to have stopped progressing and I don’t know if she will start progressing again. I think this is probably the most frustrating thing in missionary work, that is, seeing people progress, receive the promise blessings and even recognize them, and then they stop doing what is bringing blessings from heaven. We are going to have another lesson with her soon and it will be very direct and clear to help her realize how her life was changing for the better and why the progress has stopped. These lessons are the most nerve wracking as missionaries because it could be the last time that we teach her or it could propel her to baptism.

All that being said, it wasn’t a bad week.  We found a lot of new people to teach and had some really amazing expierences with those people. One was a family that had been taught just one time but it was before I got here and we haven’t been able to teach them since because they´re always busy, but yesterday we were able to. They hadn’t read the Book of Mormon so we read with them 3 nephi 11 when Christ appears to the poeple on the American continent. The lesson went pretty normal and we extended to them the commitment to pray and know for themselves is the Book of Mormon is true. The mom´s response was a little suprising, especially because they seem to be pretty involved in the Catholic Church. She said that she knew without doubt that the Book of Mormon was true because of the spirit that testified to her when we read together. The experience was very humbling to see the power that the Book of Mormon has. What seemed routine and certainly was taken for granted was an amazingly spiritual witness to her that will likely change her life forever.

We are blessed to have the Book of Mormon in our lives, literally the words of God in our hand, what a blessing. It is easy to take for granted but we need to realize really how divine and powerful this book is.

Sorry my English is started to get a lot worse, I have to think a lot more than I anticipated to speak English. It is actually a blessing though because my Portuguese it getting a lot better.

Elder Lawrence

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