January 27, 2014 (week 28)

I´ll try to write this in chronological order but its hard to remember sometimes.

So first my Birthday. It was actually a pretty normal day. We did all of our normal work and had the normal hours. When we knelt down to pray in the morning my companion sang Happy Birthday to me with the other two missionaries we live with. We stopped at a little bakery and ate some cake and when we got home we made some mouse. It is kind of like a firm pudding but you can choose the flavour, super easy to make and really good.

We ate lunch at a member´s house and she kept telling me to eat more, so I did, again and again. Then I finally said I can’t eat anymore, which apparently wasn’t true because she dumped even more food on my plate and I ate that too. I almost exploded and puked everywhere. She meant well but I felt like I was about to die, especially because we leave the house after eating a ton to enter the blazing heat and walk a ton.

The other day we were teaching a lesson in the street to a younger kid. His family wasn’t home and there is a rule you can’t enter into a house with just little kids or with just girls. Anyways, we were in the middle of our lesson and a woman ran up to us and asked for some help. It seemed really urgent so I said yes and we went to go help. The way she explained it, made it seem like we would be lifting her husband from her house to an ambulance that couldn’t make it up the hill. When we got there we realized we would be carrying her husband from the ambulance up this hill and a bunch of stairs to her house. The hill was easy but the stairs were very difficult especially because they were falling apart, but we were able to do it. Although at times I was scared we would drop him because we had to carry him on a chair and it was just a mess, but we made it to their house safe and sound. When we got to the house we had to carry him from the chair to his bed. This house was probably the dirtiest house I have ever seen in my life. It was literally straight off the show “Hoarders” with clothes and junk piled up to the ceiling and the only way through the house was through the alley ways made in the mountains of clothes.

This Sunday was the best in my mission. We brought 7 in-actives and 5 investigators to church – numbers that would be good for a transfer but we were blessed to do it in one week. They consisted of 3 less actives and one investigator that came. The other investigaotrs were part of the less active families.

Running out of time but we had tons of fun working with these families.

Elder Lawrence


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