February 17, 2014 (week 31)

Beatriz, at her baptism!

Beatriz, at her baptism!





Sunset over the city

Sunset over the city


This is a drink from the North, so Madison might be drinking a ton of it.  I think it taste like bubble gum.

This is a drink from the North, so Madison might be drinking a ton of it. I think it taste like bubble gum.

This week went well, and we finished the week exhausted. Our area is really large and we did a less then steller job planning which left us running form one side of our area to the other. There were a few days were I got close to 25,000 steps. Our zone is also the worst in the mission for hills. There was a lot of days last week when I could barely get up the last hill to our house. But I think I am getting in a lot better shape now.

Mom you asked a few questions about the family with the little girl that got baptized. The sister got baptized this week, Biatriz, and the family actually already was baptized. They were an incative family that we brought back to church, and becasue it had been a long time there were the two daughters that were now old enought to be baptized. We are now teaching two of their Aunts. I must say I was humbled a bit as we taught one. We had seen her many times but never talked much to her about the Gospel because she didn’t look like someone who would be interested. Not to long ago we invited her to stay for a lesson we were giving to the family and the Aunt really seemde to be elect and prepared for the Gospel. She asked amazing questions and expressed a lot of interest in the Gospel. I’m glad God gave us a few chances to actually talk to her because it was an amazing lesson. But that just goes to show you never know who is ready.

My companion got a package from home (Portugal) with some food in it so we tried what is called a pastel de Balem. It was pretty good but he talked it up quite a bit.


Elder Lawrence



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