March 17, 2015 (week 35)

Us with Bianca and her family

Us with Bianca and her family


Us with Bianca and the Bishop

Us with Bianca and the Bishop

So I got a little mixed up. Transfers are next week and the mini transfer will be the week after. There is was a bit of confusion becasue the incoming Americans have to pass through the MTC again in Brasil for 12 days when they get their visa.

I have to confess I have been pretty bad about keeping a journal. It started out really well and then it keeps getting worse. My emails have kind of turned into my journal. I normally write some things that happened in the week in my planner so I wont forget when I come to email home.

You said something about it being hot and humid. I have pretty much gotten used to just sweating all the time. I am not even exagerating. No one has AC so all the houses are hot too, but you actually don’t even notice how much you sweat because it has just been continuous for about 6 months.

So this Thursday we had Bianca´s baptism. It was awesome. Her whole family came and everyone seemed to enjoy it. Although she is only nine years old she has an amazingly strong spirit. One day we talked with her and her mom anout baptism, her mom was really hesitant. Bianca started to cry and plead to be baptised to her mom, which then said if your dad says, it´s ok. She got the ok from the dad, who isn’t a member, and then we baptised her.

We also had a wonderful oppurtunity of bringing a family to church. This family is awesome. The husband Dieigo is a little quicker to accept things. The wife Adrianna is a little more skeptical and asks really good questions. We have had some amazing lessons explaining doctrine to her. While she has questions and belief she isn’t stubborn. She is very open to what we teach as long as we show where it is in the scriptures. I think she has a lot of respect for what we do. Many times we are able to answer her questions on the spot, sometimes not, so we write down the questions and come back with the references and a better way to explain it. It was funny – one of their kids wasn’t too excited about going to church. He kind of pouted the whole way there (we walked with them from their house to the church) but when the church ended his attitude had changed completely and is excited to come back. It was really cool to see that. The family also liked it too.

Elder Lawrence



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