April 7, 2014 (week 38)

English class

English class


Jacksona and Cailina

Jackson and Cailinin



Family – left to right: Rudilazer, Didi, Thaynara, Steven, Elder Santos, Thayna, Me, Sueli



Family – left to right: Dieigo with Joao Vitor, Adriana, Karol, Beatriz, Vega, Me

So me and my temporary companion Elder Vega were covering both our areas which is really big until tomorrow. Unfortunately we weren’t able to visit as many people as we would have liked to but we did get the oppurtunity to know one anothers investigators. I was able to help in bringing two kids to be baptized this week. There names are Jackson and Clayton. Their mom returned to church a short time ago and we were able to help them return. I say we but I was really only there for the last week.

The weather is about the same. Maybe it has cooled down a bit but its still really hot.

The place were we are staying has been having problems. We haven’t had water for a week now. What happended is this. The house is actually divided into three seperate houses with the same number. If one of them doesn’t pay their own water bill then water is cut to all three. I think someone is on vacation so I am not sure when that bill will get paid and when we will get the water back. It has already happened before but normanly it is only for a day or two.

I really liked conference. The Stake set up a room for the Americans to watch in English which was sweet. I wasn’t really wanting to watch it translated, it’s just not the same. I was able to learn a lot and I marked a few to study more later. I think my favorite was the talk from Elder Oaks in the Priesthood session. There was a lot of doctrine there and I am going to study it a bit more for sure.


Elder Lawrence


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