March 24, 2014 (week 36)

Haha Seth is growing a beard. I thought I saw a bit of peach fuzz in the pictures there. He´ll like it until it leaves a nice tan line, which will be funny.

I heard that Duke lost in a big upset, kind of a bummer Jabari Parker can’t keep playing, and a bummer I don’t get to see him play.

Well transfers are tomorrow, and I am going to stay here but my companion is leaving, and I will train an American. I won’t get him until 2 weeks though, because there is a new rule that the Americans have to pass through the MTC here in Brazil to remember a bit of the language. So in the ward for two weeks we will be in a trio, until my new companion comes.

I am excited and also nervous to train. It´s is a lot of responsibility because a lot of times the trainer holds a lot of influence in determining the course that missionary´s mission. But I think it will be good and I think I am ready to take on a little more responsibility.

Also, now I will be completely alone on the language, more or less, because the newby won’t understand anyone. So that is another challenge that I am excited for, and I think it will help me learn quickly too.

We had a really nice surprise at church yesterday. A contact we made on the street went to church. He is a little strange but I like him. We haven’t even taught him yet but he wants to keep coming. It was kind of a bummer that a few families we are teaching didn’t make it but we still need to figure out why they didn’t go. One we already found out the other not yet.

Elder Lawrence


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