April 21, 2014 (week 40)

I don’t know about Madison, I´ve heard the food is a bit more diverse there but we eat rice and beans every single day. In Brazil, it’s literally not considered a meal if it doesn’t have rice and beans. Like that isnt a joke, unless it has rice and beans. It’s just a snack no matter how much you eat.

We got our water back yesterday so today for the first time in 3 weeks we could take a shower in our house whaich was great.

Not much has happened here. Vinicius who was scheduled to be baptised is going to wait tell next week so he can prepare a little more and he wants his family to come to, which would be nice.

Me and my companion are getting along well. My companion is speaking pretty well for how much time he has. For me, English has gotten really dificult. I obviously know more words in English but it seems easier sometimes to speak in Portuguese. Even when I am speaking in English I am using Portuguese grammer so it comes out really weird. There was a few times my companion didn’t understand what I was trying to say in English, which was kind of funny. I always want to say “in house” for “at home” because that’s how you translate at home.

But anyway, everything is going well. Love you all. The mission is passing by really fast. I have already been out 9 months.


Elder Lawrence


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