May 5, 2014 (week 42)

2014 05 05 c


2014 05 05 b


2014 05 05 e


2014 05 05 h


2014 05 05 g


2014 05 05 a


2014 05 05 d


2014 05 05 f

Well there isn’t much to update about this week. It was a lot of the same-old, same-old. We had a ward party which was pretty sweet. Brazilian BBQ´s are super good.

We were able to teach a lot of new people this week, but a lot of them are on the top of this giant hill. It very well could be the largest hill in the mission. The buses don’t go up there becuase they wouldn’t be able to make it. So my legs got super sore, but it’s worth it becuase we are finding some really great people. We just have to work on getting them to church, they live really far away.

The new Elder that is living with us is from Manuas which is a city on the middle of the Amazon. His name is Elder Dacio. He´s a nice guy but sometimes hard to understand because of his accent. The other Elder I´m living with is Elder Martineau, he is from Utah. He is a ‘Ute’ though, but other than this he´s alright.

Elder Lawrence


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