May 19, 2014 (week 44)









So this week we had the wonderful oppurtunity of knowing Fernanda. She is going to the english classes and we started teaching her this week. She really wants to serve a mission which is awesome. She is alwasy asking questions about the mission and how she would be able to go on one. She is super elect. She went to church this Sunday and is set up to be baptized the 1st of the following month. It is really enjoyable to teach her.

Unfortunately she was the only one that came to church. We are continuing to work with a lot of new people which is always good but does bring its own challenges. This week went by really quick though.

I dont know if I have gained weight or not here but I decided I need to get in better shape. So I am trying to eat healther and be a lot better with my excercises. Although I do like exercising it is pretty hard to find the will at 6:30 in the morning.

I´m sorry I don’t have more to write next week will be better.


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