May 26, 2014 (week 45)

There was a plan for Elder Anderson to come to the mission but was canceled because the transit and police went on strike. I guess it was a lot worse in Sao Paulo city limits. Where I was at it was pretty normal. President Monson made all the missionaries in Brasil stay home though.

Dad was asking about air conditioning. No one has air conditioning here. They do have it at the church but it is almost always broken or no one uses it. I don’t know which. Right now its actually getting cold, at night its in the mid 60´s in the house. It has also been raining a ton lately which is kind of a bummer. A lot of people walk to church and unfortunately when it rains and it cold a lot less people come.

The World Cup is coming up and they have started to paint the city. There´s streamers and tons of wall art about the cup which is pretty cool. I think there will still be a lot more when it actually gets here.

Other than the strike whe we stayed home the week was pretty normal. They made me district leader during the week so I have to start doing divisions with other missionaries and help them learn from my example. I think the added pressure will help a little bit, I was a little too comfortable where I was.

love you all,
Elder Lawrence


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