June 2, 2014 (week 46)

Hey mom, before the mission I said I would never want to be a seminary teacher but now I actually think I would love it.

I have transfers next week. There is a really good chance that I will be leaving but then again you never know. Our mission president will change pretty soon. President Tanner has to leave a tiny bit earlier than was planned for his new calling in the escola dominical (I forgot what it was in English) in Salt Lake. the new president sent a video that we all watched at zone conference. His portuguese is real rusty, and his wife doesn’t know a bit of it.

Yesterday we were talking to a guy that was clearly drunk. Normally I don’t like to talk to people when they´re drunk, but he had called us over. We talked a bit, couldn´t understand anything he was saying then I told him we had to leave and extending my hand to shake his. He then grabbed my hand and gave my hand a kiss. I have already seen this happen but this was the first time it had happened to me, so it was strange to say the least.

Sacrament was really cool this Sunday. Vinicius, our last baptism, had been ordained a preist and they asked him to pass the sacrament. It turned out that his assignment was were I was sitting. I don’t know if it was really special for him, he told me afterwards that he was nervous, but it was for me. I felt a lot of gratitude for being privilidged to teach him. He is progressing really quickly and it is awesome to see.

Fernanda is marked to be baptised next week. She´s really excited and so I think it will be awesome. We have been trying to help her branch out a bit in the ward but she is really timid. I fear that when we leave she might not feal as comfortable at the church. This week we are going to try and bring some members that should help a lot.


Elder Lawrence


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