June 23, 2014 (week 49)

Missionary work during the Cup hasn’t really slowed down a ton just on the days that Brasil plays. We have actually managed to maintain just about normal. When Brasil plays we have to stay inside for the rest of the day.

The new mission president will get here this week on the 27 and we will have a conference with everyone on the 28th. it will be interesting to see how his portuguese is. I’m guessing it will be pretty rough, after all its been a very long time sense he has spoken.

My new companion is Elder Mariano. We get a long pretty well. It’s only been about 2 weeks but no problems yet. I think we help eachother quite a bit. My areas of weakness and his, we complement each other well I think.

I was pretty sick yesterday and today I’m still a bit sick but its passing quickly.

President is going to let us watch the game today so I think that will be pretty cool, we will see how that goes though.

The area is progressing a lot. When I got here the area had only had one baptism in the past 7 months. Me and Elder Mariano have been able to bring a good number of people to church whom I hope will be baptised.

Elder Lawrence


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