July 14, 2014 (week 52… 1 year!!)

Well everyone here is pretty bummed out about the cup. The night they lost we went running home even though we were close to our house. Here in Brazil there is actually a lot of Germans. They came here during the second world war. Because of this all people that are lighted skinned, or people especailly with blue eyes or blonde hair are called Germans. So we ran home but nothing happened. No one even wants to talk about the game. They were also really happy that Argentina didn’t win. They have a huge rivalry between the two.

It was cool to be here during the cup but I am kind of glad it got back to normal now.

It has been really cold here lately. Not that it is actually super cold during the day – it’s fine but the night gets really cold. There isn’t any way to heat your home here. So during the  night it stays at about 50 degrees farenhiet. It makes it a lot harder to get out of bed and do excercises but we do it anyway.

Flavio is set to be baptised this Sunday. We are just waiting for the marraige certificate to arrive which is supposed to be today or tomorrow.

Not a whole lot happened this week. We are working really hard to find some new people to teach so its going a little slower for now but I have no doubt that it will pick up here quickly.

Someone from the stake gave a talk in sacrament this Sunday that I liked a lot. He talked about a ton of things. I think he used to be a pastor in another church before he joined ours, because he had a very animated way of talking. He said one thing I really like. He said, “Today, I am talking with doctors, medics and nurses but the sick are not here.” I really liked this anology, not to say that members of the church are better than others and don’t need spiritual healing. We all need spiritual healing. But in the church we have already passed through a large part of the spiritual healing process, and it is our responsibilities to help others pass through too. He said a bunch of other stuff that I liked but this is what stuck out to me most.


Elder Lawrence


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