August 4, 2014 (week 55)

Dad asked that I speak a bit about my opinion of hastening the work. There was a member of the Quorum of the Seventy that came to speak a little more about this. His insight was really interesting. In the counsels before the age change, President Monson said that he didnt know if more missionaries would mean more baptisms, but it would mean more return missionaries and more temple marraiges. An intersesting thing to talk to missionaries about, but he said one way the Lord is hastening His work is by bringing more of his children into stronger families. I thought this insight was really cool. The Lord has hastened his work in many ways. I think it was Brigham Young that said as the work is being hastened here on the earth so too is it being hastened on the other side of the veil. Many times missionary work is looked at as inviting friends to church but it is much more. The Lord is calling for strong families to fufill their obligations made through covenants and help other who have not yet made them, on this side of the veil and the other.

I would say that this week was pretty normal. Althought we got yelled at a few times. One time we were talking to two people in a store and a lady passed by, I think she was a bit drunk, but she said “Be careful, many of them have bad intentions.” (The direct translation doesn’t make sense but that is about the idea, in Portuguese she said, “Tome cuidado muitos dele são malditos.”) Later that day we had combined to teach a mother and her daughter. We went to the house and called their names. A man from the other side of the street came over and said that was his wife. We asked if his family was home so we could share a message with all of them. Then he went off saying a bunch of stuff, calling us rascist, nazis. I got a little irritated but it was kind of funny. Most of what he said was directed to me because I am white and have blue eyes so he thought I was a German. We invited him to come to church so he could see all the black poeple there (about half of the people that go to church are black), because he was saying he never saw a black person in our religion, but he didn’t come to church, haha.

Other than that not much happened. Me and my companion had a good laugh about it though. We have started to teach some really awesome people and we are looking forwasrd to this week.


Elder Lawrence


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