July 28, 2014 (week 54)

This week was really good. We were able to bring a lot of people to church. There was four younger girls that we brought from families were are teaching. We hope that their whole families will come this next Sunday. One man came that stopped us in the street. He said he had already been to the church and had studied with the missionaries but then he moved. He is passing through a really tough phase in his life and has asked us to help him by teaching him more about the gospel. He was really involved in the classes when he came to church which was really cool to see.

I forgot to write about finishing a year on the mission last week. I have to say it’s a bit strange. I remember when I thought that the people who had been out for a year knew a lot a stuff. I have changed a lot though. I don’t know if I could do it justice in words. I have changed a lot as a person, as in my character. I have also learned an incredible amount about the Gospel. It has really been cool to see this change happen in me. Sometimes I think we don’t percieve the changes in our characters because they happen, often times, very slowly, but in the mission it is a lot easier to see the change because it happens quicly. It is easy to look back and see where you were and to see where you are now. I actually think this is one of the coolest thinga about the mission. It is also really weird to think that I am fluent in a language that just over a year ago I had never heard in my life.


Love you all

Elder Lawrence


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