August 11, 2014 (week 56)

My transfers aren’t until the second. I will almost for sure stay, because my companion has been here longer than me. I would only get transfered, before my companion, if it was to be a zone leader which probably won’t happen. This ward here needs a lot of help too.

Me and my companion had to give a talk last Sunday. No one told us until Sunday morning. We prepared our talk while listening to the classes at church.  Sacrament metting is the last meeting here. I think it turned out well. My comapnion talked a bit about missionary work being a commandment and the worth of soul. I talked about how we are in the last days and God has called us to spread the gospel. I based almost all my talk off of D&C 1 with a few other scriptures about how we should open our mouths.

It was Fathers day too yesterday, happy Fathers Day dad, I am really greatful for your excellent example in my life.

We didn’t have a lot of success this week. We talked with a ton of people too. We spent one day moving the stuff for the sisters in the district because they moved houses. There was one person that came to church from one of our contacts on the street. She showed up at the very end. We talk with so many people and we didn’t recognize her. But it turned out we had talked to her a few weeks before. Well I think thats about it.

Elder Lawrence


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