August 25, 2014 (week 58)

This week had a few interesting events. We are still working a lot with newer people, in the last two weeks we have found many new people to teach but this brings its own challenges. One young man we are working with, his name is Ricardo. We like teaching him a lot. He is very receptive and he is our age too (19) so we can relate to him a lot. He came to church this last week with us. He was the only one that came, and he showed up late. We were bummed out until he came and then our mood changed a lot.

The elections are coming up here. The way of campaigning is a lot different. The sent cars out with really loud speakers and jingles with the canidantes name. It is an interesting tactic. I have even memorized a few just becasue of how much they pass by on the street.

Elder Lawrence


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