September 8, 2014 (week 60)

Well my companion got transfered and they divided my area. My new companion is Elder Pimentel from Manaus.  He’s been on the mission for almost 6 months. There are now 2 more Elders in the house – Elder Pertile from Peru. He’s got a little over six months, and Elder Mamani from Paraguay. This is his first area. It’s a little difficult to understand what Elder Manani says because he still speaks a lot of Spanish but he seems pretty cool.

I am feeling a lot better this week, but I am still coughing quite a bit.

We managed to bring an athiest to church this week, which was really cool. We met him when his friend called out to us on the street, so we went and talked to them. His friend turned out to be a inactive memeber of the church. We mangaged to help help her go to church again and now she is there every Sunday and she always brings friends, which I think is really cool. We brought a spiritist to church the other week, too. Spiritism, or Karnasism (I think), is a religion that was founded in France by Allen Kardeck. They believe in the Bible and Christ and everything but their interpretations of things are very interesting. The believe in reincarnation and other things as well. The religion is actaully really strong here. There is also an extreme of this religion that we call, “Macumba” which was brought here by the African slaves, they make sacrifices and all sorts of things. While the Evangelical Christian denominations are dominant here, there are many different and interesting religions here. Evangelicals are Christians that believe strongly in large manifastations of the spirit. Their meetings are very energetic – a lot a singing, screaming, yelling, jumping and speaking in tongues.

It is a little different working in only half of the area but I am liking it so far.
Elder Lawrence


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