October 13, 2014 (week 65)

This week went really well. It was probably one of the most successful weeks on the mission.

I feel like a big difference has been fasting. I haven’t ever had a really strong testimony of fasting. I have always had the habit of fasting but I feel like I have had few really purposeful fasts. Recently I have started fasting more frequently. The diference has been incredible.

Me and my companion fasted for a couple we are teaching. They have had some dificulties in there relationship and were hesitant, to say the least, in taking the step and getting married. Right now, they are just living together. Anyways, the visit that we did after this fast, we taught about the law of chastity and they said that they would get married. The marriage process is a little complicated here in Brazil, but it will be cool to see them get married.

There are a few other experiences that I would like to share too. After talking with a lady in the street we combined to get to her house another day. That day she wasn’t there but we back another day and she was there. We sat down to talk with her and talked about her family and her life. We were about to start the lesson when we asked if maybe her kids would like to listen to the lesson too. Here in Brazil construction is a lot different. A lot of the time someone will buy a narrow strip of land and start builing. They build it in part until the whole strip of land has house. Normally consisting of a few stories each one consiting of seperate houses, which all use the same door to enter. Anyways, her kids lived in another house but on this same narrow strip of land, (here it is called a quintal), so she called her kids and 9 people came down to hear. It was a great lesson too, they all seemed interested and were very involved in the lesson.

The other happened today. We were on our way to the center of Diadema for me to buy a suit. As we entered the bus there was a teenage girl that I felt impressed to talk with. She had a binder with a famous English school’s name on it (the owner of this school is a member of the church who learned English on his mission, Carlos Wizard).  Anyways, it would normally be easy to strike up a conversation, especially if we were to talk about English, but she sat in front of us and I would feel weird talking of her shoulder to start a conversation. So I didnt talk to her but on our bus ride back to the house. She happened to take the same bus as us and this time I sat next her and we talked a bit. We are going to go to her house this week to leave a message with her and her family. I’m glad God gave me another chance.

The group of people we are teaching right now, is the most enoyable group to teach sense I have been on the mission. Me and my companion are continuing in the area which makes me happy because I was worried I was going to get transferred.

Elder Lawrence


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