October 6, 2014 (week 64)

I loved conference unfortunately we missed almost all of the Saturday morning session, but I loved what I got to see. The Americans stayed in another room to watch it in English but when there was the talk in Portugeuse I went into the other room to hear it in Portuguese. The captions were a little faster in the conference center than he was speaking, because they started laughing before he finished his joke. We watched the Spanish dubbed but I can actually understand just about everything when they speak Spanish which I think is funny. They are really similar languages.

I noticed a few themes but one stuck out most to me. They talked a lot about building your own testimony and building specifically about the restoration. A testimony is not made up of a few independent events over a long period of time but as you build it daily throughout your life.

We are teaching a young couple with a few kids right now. Sense I have been on my mission, they are some of the people I have most enjoyed teaching. They are very engaged while we teach and very eager to learn all that they can. They have a huge desire, which to us as missionaries makes it so much easier. It is very dificult to help someone gain the desire to learn. It can never be something forced but it must be presented in a form that they recognize the necessity in their lives.

I must say it is a little wierd thinking about Seth being in college.

Elder Lawrence


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