October 27, 2014 (week 67)







The stuff Grandma and Grandpa are doing out there in Belize is incredible.  It almost sounds like the storyline to a movie. It’s hard not to cry reading some of those letters.

Jan asked about the drought here. It rained yesterday but it was the first time in a while. They are having water shortages but it doesn’t affect us a ton. Our house has a 500 L reserve so everytime the water is turned back on it refills. The effects would be felt a lot more in the poorer area, such as the favelas, in many of these areas they don’t pay for water or eletricity but it is given by the goverment. So normally these are the first areas where the water is cut. The mission told us to buy a few more 20 L gallons and fill up all the bottles that we have with water. Jan you mentioned rioting, if there has been any I haven’t seen it.

There was voting this Sunday. The voting last time wasnt more than 50% so the election was narrowed to two presidential candidates and the did the voting again. Here it is manditory to vote and the process is a little complicated if you have moved so there was a few people that missed church because of this. We are planning to go to the Cartório today with a couple so they can be married and then baptised. It didnt work out last week because he had to work late just about everyday. They are very fun to teach because they have a real desire to learn and are picking things up quickly.

Thats about it anyways.

Love you all,
Elder Lawrence


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