December 15, 2014 (week 74)

You were asking the date I would be coming home. I tried to do the math and I think I will be going home on June 23th or at the latest on August 3rd. I think it will be the 23 but I´m not sure. We will find out for sure 3 months before but I think that´s already too late for Seth to send in his papers.

I got the packages and the envolopes. I actually go them last transfer and we all ate the candy there because I didn’t want to travel with the box, but I still have the package that you sent me in the MTC to open on Christmas.

This Sunday at church one of the counselors in the stake gave a talk that I liked a lot. I would like to share what I got out of it. The general point of the talk was about a self-reflective question: Pagans or Christians? Chirstmas was originally a Pagan holiday for their God of the Sun, established by Constantine but later adopted as a Christian holiday as the official religion of Rome changed later. We should ask ourselves are we serving Christ or many Gods as the pagans: Are we being Christian or Pagan? Chirstmas brings many wonderful things and many distractions as well. If we let ourselves get caught up in the distractions we are being Pagans. We must remember the purpose of the holiday and give thanks to God for the gift he has given the world.

Elder Lawrence


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