December 29, 2014 (week 76)

Asking reminders and enduring to the end.

Dad mentioned a little bit about endurance and how some people give up after getting baptised or after serving missions. I think that it is almost never because they were baptised for the wrong reason or served a mission for the wrong reason. One thing I have learned is that a testimony is always moving, whether it is moving forward or backwards – we must decide. There is no way that a testimony can be put on hold or left stagnent. Why, I am not too sure but if we are not constently reminding ourselves for some reason, we will forget.

It reminds me about a talk that one of the apostles gave. We must search for our daily bread, as the children of Isreal when they were in the wilderness. They were given sufficient food for the day but what was left over would go rotten. This way they had to search daily and depended completely on God for their existence.

We are not much different, we must constantly receive spiritual reminders and guidance or we will go astray. There is nothing wrong about asking God to testify again to you about something that you had already recieved a testimony, sometimes we just need reminders.

I found out that a girl I stopped in the street and talked to during a division about 6 months ago was baptised. The Elder that baptised her let me know last week. Suprisingly I remembered the contact, she was someone that I was prompted to talk too, and it was pretty cool to find out that she got baptised. Anyway, often times we will not know the consequences of our actions, and the result of following a prompting.

Elder Lawrence


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