January 19, 2015 (week 79)

The Christmas tree that they found in the street.

The Christmas tree that they found in the street.

So this week went by really quick. He have a good group of people that we are teaching. Hopefully this week we will have a baptism of a young man who has been going to church for a few weeks now. He just needs to stop drinking coffee and he will be baptised. He is a really good kid, 15 years old.

We are also teaching an older lady that is going to church, she´s 75. She actually reminds me a bit of grandma. She is funny and it is always interesting to visit her house. We got to know her through the English classes at the church.

There was a man yesterday that entered in the church, from the looks of it he was going for a run and stopped by. He came in just to speak English, so I talked to him a little bit, but I think he was a little disappointed with my English. It was really hard to speak and I was putting a lot of Portuguese words in there. It is a lot harder to speak English with a brazilian than with an American but I don’t really understand why, maybe its the accent, I´m not sure.

Elder Lawrence


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