February 16, 2015 (week 83)

This week was pretty difficult. There are a lot of people travelling because of Carnival. Just about everyone goes to the beach. The church takes the youth camping over the weekend to take the kids out of the bad influences, so this Sunday there were a lot of people that weren’t at church. All of the youth and the bishopric were camping not to mention the people that were travelling. The frequency was 43 poeple, but it will be back to normal on Thursday, I think.

There is a strange culture here on parties on the street. Athlough they are almost entirely unsupported by the community they happen a lot (in fact, hated by the majority), these parties happen a lot. Someone parks a car and opens the trunk to play music incredibly loud. Some of the sound systems in the cars here are ridiculous. They end up closeing the street with all the poeple that go and just about everything that is bad you can think of happens there.

We saw the police arrive at one party and the people quickly went away then came back with a louder sound system.

This weekend there was a bunch and they might continue for the next couple days because of Carnival.

Sometimes we are forced to pass through and it is a really strange feeling. You feel really out of place and there is no way to feel the spirit. It makes me think what people have done to get to that point.

But the week wasn’t entirely lost. We are teaching a really great family, I think I told you about them already. He is a single dad with two teenage kids. He is really intelligent and his kids aswell. We have a lot of fun teaching them.

Elder Lawrence


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