February 23, 2015 (week 84)

Well me and my companion got transferred. We weren’t really sure why – we were making a lot of progress in the area. Niether of us were too happy about it, he was there just over a month and I was only there for a little less than three. They opened the area again with other missionaries. It seemed to be a bit of a theme this transfer. There were an extraordinary number of areas closed and opened with 2 new missionaries in the area. I found out that one of the people was prepared for baptism this Sunday in the last area was baptised. Mateus is his name – he is from the family I have been talking about, I´m not sure why his dad and sister weren’t baptised with them but nothing went wrong. I was really happy to see that he was baptised but I was a bit bummed that I wasn´t there. It´s been a little while sense I baptised someone and as soon as we had a family ready president took us out of the area.

After we got the call and they told us we would leave, we were both a little revolted. I went to pray about it and felt like it was the right thing although I might not understand why, I´m not sure I ever will. After I prayed, I thought about something I had read about the spirit of rebelion and realized that is what I was expressing.

My new companion is Cody Theiry – he´s from Kansas City, Missouri. He is the only memeber in his family, which I always think is incredible. It is very difficult to find an American that is the only memebr in the family on the mission. He has a year and 8 months on the mission but only a few months here in Brazil, so I am helping him a lot with the language.

The area is a lot different than any area that I have had before. It is a lot calmer here. There isn’t any favela at all. Not a lot of people walk on the street here so it is a bit different trying to talk to people. Two weeks ago there were sisters here in the area, then they traded, so we are both learning the area as well. We also are living in the old sister´s apartement, so everything is actaully really nice and it all works, which is a nice change of pace. The ward is really nice here and seems like thay are willing to help out as well.

We had 5 people at church this Sunday, which is quite a bit. 3 of them have been taught for a while. 2 people we are helping to stop smoking and a younger kid who loves the church but needs permission from his parents to be baptised.

I am liking the area, which is good because it will probabably be my last.

Elder Lawrence


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