March 16, 2015 (week 87)

Well this week was pretty normal here. Its seems like our investigators are encountering a lot of difficulties espescially in the aspect of going to church. The harder we work, the harder it seems to be for those we teach.

I am liking the area but it will probably be the most difficult area that I have passed through in my misison. The ward is really great though, which is the area´s most redeeming quality. I have really grown to love the people here.

A less active that we are visiting invited us to watch her sing in the church that she is now visiting. We asked permission and we went there last night. It was an interesting expeirence. This is actually the third time while on the mission that I have visited a different church. It´s a little difficult to explain why this young girl decided to leave the LDS church and it’s a bit of a story too. The ward was taken suprisingly as she was very active and left all of a sudden without telling anyone. She is a really great person but is just a little confused with a few things.

When I visit other churches, I cant help but feel sad there. I always wish that I could talk individaully with everyone there and explain to them a few basic truths that would change their lives forever. Truths which are only found through the restored gospel. I almost cried as I thought about the amazing faith of these people and about the amazing oppurtunites that they are missing out on.

After the church there, a lot of the youth came to talk to us. We were treated a little bit like celebrities and a few people that know English tried to talk with us. They actually spoke fairly well. Normally, it is very difficult to understand what people are trying to say when they speak English but we understood everything they said.

That´s all for this week.

Elder Lawrence

PS. I forgot to write about the protest this Sunday. There was about 2 million people in the center of São Paulo protesting the goverment. They are trying to impeach the president. Which I find rather ironic because she was elected about 6 months ago. We didn’t see anything where we were. It was pretty calm here.


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