March 9, 2015 (week 86)

This week it rained a lot which makes things a little bit more dificult sometimes. On Saturday we got caught in the pouring rain about 45 minutes from our house without an umbrella. We were ending a division. I´ll have to send you the pictures we took when we got home… drenched.

My companion has a rubix cube that I have been messing with and I was able to solve it which was exciting. I can consistently solve a large part of it but there are always a few that stay out of place.

We have been working a lot with less actives sense I got here. A lot of times it’s not a whole lot that they are waiting for to get back to church.

I gave a taught in church also, one of the speakers wasn’t at church and they asked me to give a talk about teaching. I talked about a few specific things but I think what stuck most was when I talked about teaching with our example. I talked about how you teased me, mom, because I eat ice cream just like dad, turning the spoon upside down. I thought a bit about this and it wasn´t something that Dad taught me to do nor was it something a did to imitate him but simple something that I did. I copied his example without even trying too.

Elder Lawrence


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