April 6, 2015 (week 90)


With 3 other missionaries

With 3 other missionaries


The district last transfer

The district last transfer



Transfers happened last Tuesday. I stayed in the area but my compaion left. My new companion is Elder Lins. He has been on the mission for about 7 months and we actually met eachother in the last zone I was in. He is a convert as well and the only member in his family. He is from Santa Catarina, Brazil. It is evident that when he was baptised he had to change a lot of his old habbits. It is incredible to see the change that the Gospel has in the lives of people.

I loved conference. It is always an amazing oppurtunity to learn. I am looking forward to getting the Ensign so I can study the talks in greater depth.

We started running this week so maybve I can get in better shape before getting home.

As I was reading the beginnning of the Book of Mormon this week I was thinking about the contrast between Nephi and Lamen and Lemuel. In conference they talked a bit about somethings I had noticed. Lamen and Lemuel passed through all the trials that Nephi passed through, but they didnt recieve the blessing because of how they passed through these trials. Perspective is everything. It is incredible to see how much a happy heart can change things even as we are being tried.

Elder Lawrence


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