April 27, 2015 (week 93)

This area is called Jordanópolis and its in São Bernardo do Campo.

This week was a little slow. While we were able to find a few more people to teach getting people to church remains difficult.

My companion is going home next week too. He will have to do a surgery. He has 8 months on the mission and will probably come back to the mission in about 3 months. Understandably he´s pretty concerned, not about the surgery but about how it will be at home and to come back to the mission.

We had a conference last week, and something that a missionary said struck me. He said there is a song about missionaries in spanish and in the song it says that we as missionaries are sent to find our friends. Friends we made in the pre-existence and are waiting for us to bring them the Gospel. I really liked this perspective and I believe it is true as well.

I found out a young man that we baptised in Mauá, Vinicius is preparing for a mission. He already filled out his papers and is just waiting for the interviews. It is pretty cool to think how much his life has changed as a result of the Gospel.

Elder Lawrence


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