May 18, 2015 (week 96)

Wow! Congratulations Seth that´s super crazy. From what people tell me Fortaleza is really hot but you´ll really enjoy serving a mission in Brazil. You´re going to be real close to where Madison was. From what I´ve heard that mission has a lot of success. A sister that just got transfered from this ward where I am serving is from there. Get started on your visa right away and get it in as soon as possible. A lot of Americans are having trouble with the visas so the sooner the better. But now there will 3 Portuguese speakers in the family.

We are really trying to help a lady stop smoking. She is an amazing person. She is married to a recent convert. It´s pretty incredible all that she does for others. She would already have been baptised if it wasn´t for smoking. She has been able to get it down a lot from 20 to 1 or 2 a day. We have been working a lot with her and hopefully she will be baptised soon.

We have a few other people too, with specific dificulties as well.

Elder Lawrence


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