May 4, 2015 (week 94)

We are having transfers tomorrow and I am not sure if I will leave my area. I am thinking that they might close the area and leave just one companionship in the ward. This part of the year they generally have to close a lot of area becuase there are a lot of missionaries that finish their missions at this time and there aren’t a ton of missionaries getting here because of the visas. Not one American is coming this transfer and I don’t think any have gotten here for quite some time now.

Because I’m not sure where I will be I don’t know when I will get into Skype. I might be able to send you an email during the week combining the time. But I am thinking that it will be in the afternoon after church. But if I were transfered and we have meetings in the aftenoon, we would probably talk at night.

Geraldo Causse came to visit our mission and the Sao Paulo Interlagos mission. The conference was pretty cool. Him and his wife spoke and an area 70 as well. It was translated for those who didn’t know English. He would speak a bit then it would be translated. I imagine that it was a little bit annoying for the Brazilians, especailly when someone said something funny. All of the Americans would be laughing during the translation and then the Brazilians don’t understand everything. His wife talked about keeping our eyes on the Savior and Elder Causse talked about looking to the future.

Not a whole lot of things happened in our area. We had a few new people at church but that’s about it.

Elder Lawrence


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