June 15, 2015 (week 100)

Gecy, which was the lady we were helping to stop smoking, stopped and was baptised this Sunday. We were really excited about it and she was too, but I think the most excited was her husband, who is a convert of about 8 months. The Bishop said it was the most anticipated baptism in the ward for a long time. I don’t have the pictures with me now but I´ll send them next week.

J. Souza, my old companion goes home tomorrow.  I already dropped him of at the mission office. We actually did it yesterday. I am staying with the other companionship in the ward until transfers tomorrow.

They already told me I am going to stay in the area, so I will be finishing my mission out here. I really didn’t want to get transfered to what would have been my last area, so I was happy I stayed, even though it is a little more difficult to have success here than in other parts of the mission.

Vinicius, the young man we baptised in Mauá, got his mission call to Juiz de Fora, which coincidentally is the same mission as his fiancée, and another young man in the ward. This is the same girl that showed him the church.  Her name is Jessica, and they are going to the MTC on the same day. I´m sure the Mission President will talk to them both there about it, but I thought that is was pretty ironic.

I know how Seth feels about the landscaping.  It is rough, especially when you have long hours.

Elder Lawrence


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